Download the AJRR 2013 Annual Report

Improve Orthopaedic Care through Data with Findings from the National Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Registry

"It is with great enthusiasm that we present the first American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) Annual Report. Many of my colleagues remind me that this has been a long time coming as we remember back to 2002 when we made our first attempt to start a US-based hip and knee arthroplasty registry. We take a look back at our earilier challenges not as failures, but as successes that we have built upon. We are pleased to be publishing our first comprehensive report characterizing 80,227 procedures. We offer much appreciation to the hospitals and surgeons who recognize the importance of a registry by making their surgical data available to AJRR."

-William J. Maloney, MD
Chair, AJRR Board of Directors, 2013-2014


Get the 2013 Annual Report now for:

  • Data on over 45,669 hip and knee procedures from 123 institutions and approximately 1,800 surgeons
  • 2013 and preliminary 2014 accomplishments
  • Procedural data and component metrics
  • Information on AJRR planning and collaborations, as well as affiliations with other arthroplasty organizations and programs