Download the AJRR 2017 Report to the Public About Hip and Knee Replacements

Patients Can Now Be Better Informed on the Importance of the American Joint Replacement Registry

The American Joint Replacement Registry prepared this annual report to show the public what we are learning about hip and knee replacement surgery in the United States, and how that information is being used to continually improve the quality of patient care. Health care staff at AJRR participating institutions can present this patient summary of our clinical data to their patients, and patients can access it on their own, as a resource for them to better understand orthopaedics and their health.

Get the 2017 Report to the Public now for:

  • A brief description of the AJRR and its mission and vision
  • An overview of the kind of information that is in the Registry and how it is used
  • An explanation on why Registries are important and how to find out if a patient's institution is participating
  • Hip and knee replacement results from 2012 to 2016 data
  • An introduction to patient-reported outcomes