Download the new AJRR Patient-Facing Interim Report

Utilize this high-level summary of hip and knee procedures and the importance of registries as an educational tool

The Patient-Facing Interim Report was created with the intent of taking the 2019 Annual Report and highlighting the information that is most relevant for patients and the public. A team of surgeon leaders, the AAOS Public Advisory Board (a non-physician group of volunteers), and AAOS Registry Program staff prepared the following patient-centered resource. This team is hopeful that those outside the profession find this information useful as they learn more about hip and knee replacement procedures and how Registry data can help to inform decisions and improve patient care.

This publication will introduce patients to general registry data and highlight information about hip and knee replacements performed across the United States. While a registry serves to collect data about procedures, analysis of that data can help surgeons choose individualized treatments and implantable devices that are best for their patients. In addition to providing a high-level summary of these procedures, the team has included a discussion about patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), surveys used to capture outcomes, or the patient's pre- and post-operative health status, from a patient's perspective.

As patients read this report, we trust they will gain an understanding of general trends in hip and knee procedures, as well as learn the benefits of Registry participation. We believe you will find this resource as an opportunity to learn how data can be used towards improving the quality of care and patient outcomes.

Get the AJRR 2019 Patient-Facing Interim Report now for:

  • An overview of the AJRR and why registries are important
  • The kind of information that is in the Registry and how it is used
  • Hip and knee replacement results in data from 2012 to 2018
  • A description of patient-reported outcome measures and their significance
  • A list of other helpful orthopaedic patient resources